A Mormon’s Unexpected Journey- Volume 2

Volume 2 cover

A Mormon’s Unexpected Journey- Volume 2
Finding the Grace I Never Knew

by Carma Naylor

 The sequel to Carma Naylor’s first book, Volume 2 is more than a captivating story; it contains critical insight into the surprising origins of LDS scriptures and the roadblocks that make it difficult for a Mormon to doubt Mormonism. Carma also sensitively reveals the secret ceremonies of Mormonism out of a genuine desire for Mormons to find freedom in Christ.

Fact-Filled, yet Personal

This insightful book is packed with information that answers the questions a disillusioned Mormon would ask, if seeking the truth. But, as important as that is, Book 2 offers much more. It is a story of faith, hope, love, and healing. It is a powerful presentation of the true gospel of Jesus Christ and the grace that He offers.


Pastor Chuck Smith (founder of the worldwide Calvary Chapel movement) said the following about this sequel to A Mormon’s Unexpected Journey, Vol. 1: “…a must read for any who have wondered what Mormonism is all about.”

SPECIAL NOTE: Print Books are currently going through a revision and will soon be available again in their Second Edition. In the meantime, the First Edition is still available online, through the Chapel Store, a ministry of the Calvary Chapel movement. The E-Book format has already been updated and is available through the links below.

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 Carma Naylor’s riveting story started in the first part of this two volume book.
here to find out more about A Mormon’s Unexpected Journey: Volume 1.


More on A Mormon’s Unexpected Journey, Volume 2:

“Carma loves Mormons. Her greatest desire is for each one to hear the truth and to know the Eternal Son of God, the Lord Jesus Christ, God come in the flesh.”

-Dr. Walter Price, Baptist Pastor
author of God Focus


“Her love for Scripture, her love for Mormons, and the depth of her studies are clearly evidenced in this incredible, true story. Highly recommended!”

-Kelly Pinkham
Freelance Writer and Editor


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    • Yes, the e-book is available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Family Christian, Apple iBooks, Kobo, and many other retailers of e-books worldwide. You will also find some sections of the book available to read for free under the “Extras” tab on this website.


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