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I Never Knew

 A Mormon’s Unexpected Journey is a riveting testimony of a woman’s search for truth when her strong religious convictions were reversed by God in a surprising way. This memoir on Mormonism will help you understand the powerful, spiritual experiences behind a Mormon’s testimony.

This two-volume memoir is also a concise theological treatise that walks you through the Mormon doctrines step-by-step and challenges each one with the truth of Scripture.

Covering more than just Mormonism. Although Carma’s focus is Mormonism, her books go far beyond the scope of the LDS experience. This memoir will help you to know that salvation is by grace through faith in Jesus Christ, rather than in religious works and ordinances.

Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life (John 14:6), and not just part of the way, truth, and life. To add religious ritual, ordinances, or human effort to Christ’s all-sufficient sacrifice for us, is to diminish Him and insult the spirit of grace that He freely offers to us. These books follow Carma’s journey, as she really learns this life-changing truth.

Her Spiritual Journey

Carma’s initial quest was to save her dear friend from what she considered the deceptions of the Jehovah’s Witnesses and to show her, from the Bible, that the LDS church was the one and only true church. While trying to prove from the Bible that Mormonism was true and to save her friend, Carma’s eyes were opened to three startling truths:

  1. The Bible truths she had been taught as part of the unique LDS doctrines were actually Bible verses taken out-of-context.
  2. Unique LDS doctrines were not only absent in the Bible, but they contradicted the Bible.
  3. These unique LDS doctrines came from the men she believed were the prophets of God, so either the LDS prophets were wrong or the Bible was.

All of this raised more questions in Carma’s mind. Surely, the LDS prophets of God could not contradict God’s Word in the Bible. Was the Bible that incomplete and in error? Was she to trust the Bible or the leaders of the LDS church as her authority for truth? A Mormon’s Unexpected Journey follows her quest for answers.

Truth in Love

These fascinating books on Mormonism not only contrast the LDS faith with the true gospel of Jesus Christ, but they will help the reader to understand the powerful spiritual experiences behind a Mormon’s testimony.

There are many books about Mormon doctrines, but few covering the depth of doctrine and LDS experience as this memoir. The truth is examined both masterfully and lovingly. 

For those Seeking Answers

If you are burdened by trying to make yourself acceptable to God through righteous efforts and you want to experience the life-changing freedom of His grace, you need these books.

A Mormon’s Unexpected Journey isn’t about freedom to sin, but freedom from the curses of sin that we are all under and in bondage to. Learn about the freedom to live for Jesus, as the Holy Spirit fills our heart with love for Him and a desire to make Him the Lord and Master of our lives.

SPECIAL NOTE: Print Books are currently going through a revision and will soon be available again in their Second Edition. In the meantime, the First Edition is still available online, through the Chapel Store, a ministry of the Calvary Chapel movement.

Carma Naylor’s story is told in two volumes.
Available in trade paperback and e-book versions. (see below for links)

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 What Others are Saying:

A Mormon’s Unexpected Journey is a riveting testimony of Carma Naylor’s search for the truth that would set her free. Carma’s transparency about her inner struggles, her rejection by family and friends, and her heartaches as a mother will captivate your heart and enable you to relate to the reality of life’s trials.
 A Mormon’s Unexpected Journey is a concise theological treatise that walks you, step-by-step, through Mormon doctrines and challenges each one with the truth of Scripture. It will equip the new believer as well as the seasoned theologian with insights into the Mormon’s head and heart in order to share the truth and love of God with them. These two books are written for the Mormon to read as well. If you have ever struggled with how to share your faith with a Mormon friend, Carma’s writings will show you the way in a simple and loving manner.

I have had the privilege of being a part of her journey and actively ministering to this family in many of these situations and trials. Her story will encourage you. The Truth in these pages will set you free. This is not just another book about Mormonism; it is a must-read for every Christian.

– Dr. Bruce Edward, Pastor
Hope Fellowship
Branson West, Missouri

 * * *

“A must read for any who have wondered what Mormonism is all about.”

-Pastor Chuck Smith
Founder of the worldwide Calvary Chapel movement
author of several books

 * * *

“Carma loves Mormons. Her greatest desire is for each one to hear the truth and to know the Eternal Son of God, the Lord Jesus Christ, God come in the flesh.”

-Dr. Walter Price, Baptist Pastor
author of God Focus

 * * *

“Her love for Scripture, her love for Mormons, and the depth of her studies are clearly evidenced in this incredible, true story. Highly recommended!”

-Kelly Pinkham
Freelance Writer and Editor

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