In this section you will find additional information about Mormonism, its history, and its legends. Click on any link below to learn more about that topic:

Book of Mormon Places and Locations: includes maps and descriptions about the locations described in the Book of Mormon and possible locations in modern times that might correspond to them. (Secular and non-Mormon historians and archaeologists consider the Book of Mormon to be a work of fiction. However, many Mormons view it as an account of actual historical events that occurred in the New World.)

Martin Handcart Company: a brief article about one the Mormon handcart companies that traveled to settle in Utah; this group included one of Carma Naylor’s ancestors.

When the LDS leaders sent out a call for settlers in 1855, the saints in Europe responded. Te following year, 1856, the immigration was unusually large, amounting in all to 4,326 souls. Among these immigrants was William Stimpson, my great-great-grand-father, who had joined the church in 1849. He left Liverpool, England, on May 25, 1856, with his wife and two young sons, ages four and two.

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