A Mormon’s Unexpected Journey: Volume 1

Volume 1 cover1

Finding the Grace I Never Knew.

A Mormon’s Unexpected Journey is a riveting testimony of a woman’s search for truth when her strong religious convictions were reversed by God in a surprising way. This unique book on Mormonism will help you understand the powerful, spiritual experiences behind a Mormon’s testimony.

If you are burdened by trying to make yourself acceptable to God through righteous efforts, and you want to replace guilt with grace, you need this book.

A Mormon’s Unexpected Journey is a concise theological treatise that walks you through the Mormon doctrines step by step and challenges each one with the truth of Scripture.

“Her story will captivate your heart and encourage you. This is not just another book about Mormon doctrines and their beliefs, it is a must read for every Christian.  The truth in these pages will set you free.”

-Dr. Bruce Edwards, Pastor


Available at major bookstores and online retailers, including:

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Also available from Family Christian stores,  Scribd subscriptions, and Inktera,

Foreign Countries: Available from Amazon Germany, Amazon Canada, Amazon Australia, Amazon France, Amazon Italy, Amazon Spain, Amazon Japan, Amazon India, Amazon Mexico, Amazon Brazil, and Amazon Netherlands.

Carma Naylor’s riveting story continues in the Volume 2. Click here to find out more about A Mormon’s Unexpected Journey: Volume 2.

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