A Mormon’s Unexpected Journey: Volume 2

Volume 2 cover

Finding the Grace I Never Knew.

Picking up where she left off in Volume One, Carma Naylor continues her compelling story as she compares Mormonism to the true gospel of Jesus Christ.

A Mormon’s Unexpected Journey is a riveting testimony of a woman’s search for truth when her strong religious convictions were reversed by God in a surprising way. This unique book on Mormonism will help you understand the powerful, spiritual experiences behind a Mormon’s testimony.

If you are burdened by trying to make yourself acceptable to God through righteous efforts, and you want to replace guilt with grace, you need this book.

A Mormon’s Unexpected Journey is a concise theological treatise that walks you through the Mormon doctrines step by step and challenges each one with the truth of Scripture.

“A must read for any who have wondered what Mormonism is all about.”

-Pastor Chuck Smith
Founder of the worldwide Calvary Chapel movement
author of several books
heard daily on the nationwide radio program “The Word for Today.”


“Carma loves Mormons. Her greatest desire is for each one to hear the truth and to know the Eternal Son of God, the Lord Jesus Christ, God come in the flesh.”

-Dr. Walter Price, Baptist Pastor
author of God Focus


“Her love for Scripture, her love for Mormons, and the depth of her studies are clearly evidenced in this incredible, true story. Highly recommended!”

-Kelly Pinkham
Freelance Writer and Editor



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Carma Naylor’s riveting story started in the first part of two volume book. Click here to find out more about A Mormon’s Unexpected Journey: Volume 1.

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